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The best choice and change of ALG services.
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  • Jan. 2023 (Scheduled) ALG SERVICES KOREA Co., Ltd. in
  • May. 2022 Development of solution ACS for TAX transmission.
  • Feb. 2021 ALG Services, Inc., California, USA. establish
  • Feb. 2021 ALG Supplies, Inc., California, USA. establish.
  • Feb. 2021 Separation of ISD SERVICE and SUPPLY.
  • Oct. 2020 Release of WTD for WMS Workers.
  • Feb. 2020 Launched "All-in-One Service", an auxiliary material delivery service in response to COVID19
  • Jan. 2020 3D electronic scale solution.
  • Dec. 2019 New Jersey small space rental warehouse module (Rack Space) development.
  • Sep. 2019 Established FUD Solutions Ltd in BC, Canada
  • Dec. 2019 Vender Live system CMV released
  • Jul. 2019 Fedex supply contract
  • Jun. 2018 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Liaison Office opened
  • Jun. 2017 Real Time Transmission of Customs Clearance Documents and Development of Electronic Signing Solutions
  • Nov. 2016 Atlanta Warehouse Starts Operation
  • Aug. 2015 NJ Warehouse, East/Central/West FedEx TWO Zone Launch
  • May. 2011 LA, Oregon, Texas Direct Service Launched
  • Jul. 2010 launched "Mr. Yoo's Return luggage service" for international students.
  • May. 20210 All U.S. FedEx Ground Services Launched in California
  • Apr. 2010 Business Agreement with FedEx in the United States
  • Feb. 2021 ISD SERVICES Established INC
  • Jul. 2009 Launch of "ISD Courier," a Korean delivery service in Irvine, California, United States