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Advantages of Alg Service

How to save time & cost of ALG service
(by case)

  1. The UI of the user screen is the same as the UI of the administrator, and the customer's order behavior is applied to the system in the same way as the UI of the administrator. Requests are processed in real time.
  2. Customers can order goods and services simultaneously. Merchant sales increase and goods and services are consolidated under one order number, so there are no delays. Delivery is also recognized as a variety of service products, helping to increase sales.
  3. Everything is done at the customer's pace so that the customer feels comfortable. All sections are notified in advance for smooth operation, and customers who need to change can make changes through additional payment for each section.
  4. Instead of bulk shipping to one address, you can split your shipment based on a priority you choose and ship to multiple times/addresses.
  5. Just before delivery customer's cancellation request is Increase added value by proposing a variety of options without treating the as cancellation . (Cancellation Defense)